Patrol Schedule

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Patrol Schedule

Patrol Steps

ARRIVE At 8.30am. Please don’t be late.

The Patrol Captain is to allocate patrol members to carry out the following:

  1. Read paperwork from previous patrol (ie, patrol, radio and IRB logs)
  2. Check and place rescue equipment on the beach. Minimum 2 x rescue tubes and 2 x rescue boards
  3. IRB driver and Crewperson to prepare IRB for patrol duty and ensure backup boat is needed if necessary. Fill in IRB log book.
  4. Check 4WD fuel before transporting IRB to water’s edge. Only members with a driver’s licence, permission of the Patrol Captain and have completed the ATV proficiency are permitted to drive the 4WD.  Use “P plates if required.
  5. Assess the surf conditions and determine the flagged location.
  6. Erect power craft signs. The IRB must be launched between these.
  7. Check and put patrol gear into patrol van/4WD and transport it to the beach.
  8. You will need:
    • 2 x red/yellow flags  Portable first aid kit
    • 2 x blue flags
    • Stretcher and spinal collar
    • Black & White Flags
    • Oxy Viva & Defib
    • Signalling flags
    • Loud hailer
    • Shark alarm flag
    • At least 2 whistles
    • Rescue Boards
    • Bum Bags
    • Swim fins
    • Sunscreen
    • 3 x Radios
    • Patrol log book
    • 2 x portable radios waterproof bags – Perform a radio check on all radios.
  9. Record any problems in radio log book
  10. Sign on with Surfcom
  11. Perform routine check of oxy-viva equipment (including bottle level)
  12. Check adequate supplies in first aid kit. Notify first aid officer if missing
  13. Patrol captain only to fill in and oversee signing of patrol log book.
  14.  Once flags are up position rescue equipment where it may be required (ie, near patrol flags and strong rips)
  15. Patrol captain to ensure patrol members are wearing caps/hats and full uniform
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