Patrol Obligations

Protecting the community on our beaches

Welcome to the Patrol Season

Patrol Rosters for 2018/19 Season will be available shortly.

If you wish to change morning or afternoon patrols you must do a formal swap with somebody else so that both patrols have sufficient members (everyone must have a substitutes regardless of which patrol or group they are swapping to).

All patrol members must be dressed in full uniform i.e. Patrol Shirt and Shorts, and Skull Cap.

If you miss a patrol without a substitute, a make up patrol must be done before your next rostered patrol.

If you miss a patrol without doing a make up, or miss two patrols, you will be called before the club lifesaving committee to explain why you should not be suspended from patrol and competition.

  • 1st patrol missed with a substitute = 1 make up patrol
  • 1st patrol missed without substitute = 1 make up patrol plus 1 penalty patrol*
  • 2nd patrol missed without a substitute = 2 make up patrols plus 2 penalty patrol*
  • 3rd patrol missed without a substitute = possible suspension

*Penalty patrols will not count toward annual patrol hour requirements for competition

In order to compete the following patrol hours must be completed.

The hours are to be completed from 1st January to 31 December in the same calendar year.
Active Members 25 hours
Active Reserve Members – 12.5 hours
Long Service Members – Nil required